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“Cherrish” Every Moment with Chilean Cherries

Chile Doubles Volume to the U.S. and Implements Enhanced Marketing Campaign

January 31, 2022. Consumers can enjoy sweet, juicy cherries through February, thanks to Chile. Chilean cherry exports to the U.S. have doubled this season, and the Chilean Cherry Committee will continue to run both consumer and retail programs through February to drive awareness and sales.

This season, the Committee launched a new marketing campaign that encompasses numerous retail and consumer elements.  Point of sale material, digital ads and social media posts showcase new, original photography, and consumers are encouraged to “Cherrish Every Moment” with Chilean cherries.  The images and messaging have incorporated many of the special holidays and events that fall within Chilean Cherry season, whether Christmas, New Year’s, Super Bowl, or Valentine’s Day.

At the trade level, the Committee continues to work closely with retail chains across the country, running both in-store merchandising and extensive online marketing programs.  Remarks Karen Brux, Managing Director of the Chilean Fresh Fruit Association, “Retailers have greatly expanded their online marketing options and we’ve really tapped into that this season with web banners, digital ads, shopper emails, video campaigns and more. We know that many of our shoppers are online, so we’re meeting them there with new imagery and messaging about Chilean Cherries.”

The Committee has also greatly expanded its consumer marketing program to drive awareness of Chilean Cherries.  Articles with nutrition information and usage ideas have been published on more than 2,000 local and national online news media outlets, with cherry T.V. ads appearing in major markets throughout the country.  With ongoing posts on the Fruits from Chile social media platforms, the Committee is also working with influencers across the U.S. on blog/Instagram posts and a TikTok video.

Finally, the Cherry Committee’s Shopkick program will continue through February, offering a unique blend of consumer and retail components that reward shoppers throughout the path to purchase. Shopkick users learn about Chilean cherries online and get rewarded for scanning and purchasing cherries in-store, with additional rewards for watching a post-purchase video developed by the Committee.

More shipments of cherries are set to arrive in February, with promotions ongoing.  “Cherrish” every moment with Cherries from Chile!