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Chilean Citrus Committee Releases Initial Forecast Projects a 4% decrease
in volume from 2023

April 4, 2024. The Chilean Citrus Committee estimates that global citrus exports from Chile will reach 383,000 tons this season, a 4% decline from 2023. According to the figures provided by the Committee, clementine and mandarin volumes will decline by 35% and 9% respectively. Oranges will decrease by two percent, with lemons increasing by 33%.

The Committee forecasts clementine volume of 40,000 tons, which is 35% less than the 2023 season. States Monserrat Valenzuela, manager of the Citrus Committee, “This is a result of water restrictions in the main clementine-producing areas of the Coquimbo region (Region IV).” Of the 4,000 hectares of clementines planted in Chile, 70% of them are concentrated in Region IV.

Meanwhile, mandarin volume is expected to reach 160,000 tons, a decrease of 9% from last year. Orange volume will be similar to 2023, with a two percent decrease to 93,000 tons. The only category with anticipated growth is lemons, which is expected to grow by 33% to 90,000 tons.

Regarding the overall anticipated decrease of 4% for Chilean citrus exports this season, the president of the Citrus Committee, Juan Ortúzar, comments, “We are building an industry better adapted to climate change, with a strategy aimed at facing new production challenges, and with a focus on more sustainable production.”

There are 27,813 hectares of citrus orchards in Chile, distributed between the Atacama and O’Higgins regions. The Metropolitan Region has the largest planted area, reaching 8,361 hectares. As for the total planted area, lemons lead with 9,199 hectares nationwide, followed by mandarins with 7,800 hectares and oranges with 6,600.

Citrus promotions in the U.S. will commence in June and continue through October.

2024 Chilean Citrus Estimate

Category 2023 (T)  April 2024 Forecast (T) Var % April 24/23
Clementines 61,490 40,000 -35%
Mandarins 175,608 160,000 -9%
Lemons 67,544 90,000 33%
Oranges 95,094 93,000 -2%
Total 399,736 383,000 -4%