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Fresh whipped cream

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Kiwi from Chile

Optional: chocolate or caramel sauce


Depending on how many you wish to serve, you can make this in a small bowl or a larger loaf pan.

Line bowl/pan with cling wrap, allowing for a generous overhang.

Layer about ½ inch of fresh whipping cream on the bottom.

Quickly dip chocolate chip cookies into milk (a quick dip is sufficient or they will crumble!), then form on layer on top of cream.

Thinly layer chopped Chilean kiwi on top of the cookies.

If desired, drizzle with store bought chocolate sauce or caramel sauce.

Top with another layer of cream and cover top with cling wrap.

Place in freezer for minimum of 4 hours.

When ready to eat, let rest for 5-10 minutes and lift dessert from pan using clingwrap. If it is stuck, run the outside of the pan with warm water to release.

Remove cling wrap by flipping onto plate.

Enjoy promptly.