The thrilling plot of the horror movie "The Bride" on 123movies new 2024 site

Article updated 11/12/2023

The plot is based on the idea of a dead bride photo frame. Surprisingly, the horrifying ritual of taking pictures of dead people was actually present in the middle of the 19th century.

Confirmation of this fact is publicly available information on the Internet. This ritual was performed in Soviet times until about 1980, long before 123movies but only the picture was made of a person in a coffin, but there are shots and pictures of the beginning of last century, when the dead sat down and took pictures with the living.

It looks quite unnatural and creepy.

Young lovers Nastia and Ivan got married and registered their relationship at the registry office. The husband's family decided to hold a real celebration at an old family estate, which belonged to Ivan's family. When Nastia arrives at the mansion, remote from the bustle of the city, she initially experiences nothing strange or suspicious, but little by little she begins to be overcome by fear - her husband's loved ones are extremely strange people. The girl gets to the point where she secretly tries to escape from the sinister mansion, but becomes a prisoner, over whom a sinister rite must be performed - the family of Ivan has a terrible secret: a girl engaged to a man of this family is obliged to put the soul of the dead Bride, who died long ago in this house, into herself.

There is a frightening suspense, bright and colorful characters, harmless and innocent victims, as well as unintentional accomplices to the unusual sacrifice. The action of the film is taken out of the framework of modern reality and the civilized world - which makes the film a standard "horror story," but that only makes the film more impressive.

Also worthy of note are the masterful roles played by the cast. Ivan's older sister Lisa, played by Alexandra Rebenok, can be assessed as the actress' best role, her portrayal reflects such a variety of characters that you just enjoy playing the actress.

The sweet face of actress Victoria Algakova hides innocent purity, she perfectly conveyed in her image naivety, the feeling of love and irresistible desire for life.

This film is to be applauded - the original manner, fine acting, graphics not cutting the eyes. A beautiful film in the young genre of Russian horror is definitely worthy of attention for viewing on