Does Soap2day have any competitors? - Fruits From Chile


The site with free access to movies www.soap2day has many no less popular analogues, which have already stopped working or continue to function with a lower attendance rate. Among the most famous competitors of the Soap2day streaming service are 123movies, Putlocker, Watchmovies and YTS. Resources also have a large range of content on their pages, but differ from Soap2day in functionality and the possibility of registration on the site. These resources operate in many countries around the world illegally and are subject to blocking by inspection authorities. 


123movies – large streaming website with many clones

The site 123movies, along with Soap2day, is considered a global leader among sites that offer users free access to streaming movies. For a long time, they tried to shut it down and blocked it in many countries, but millions of viewers still visited its pages every day. The U.S. intelligence managed to find the organizers of the site and the resource was closed, but a large number of clones appeared. These sites operate under the 123movies logo, continue to provide viewers with access to TV shows and movies, and regularly update their library.


Putlocker – analog with a large number of search queries

Putlocker is loved by movie lovers due to its convenient functionality and large library of movies. The site has become the world leader in the number of search queries through Google. The resource was blocked in almost all leading countries of the world, but it continued its existence in spite of the restrictions. At the moment, several clones of the service operate with its design and logo intact and offer a large selection of movies. The functionality of the resource is characterized by a user-friendly interface with a wide range of filtering movies by category.


Watchmovies – the site with a user-friendly menu for watching movies online

Watchmovies is visually similar to Soap2day, offering streaming movies and TV shows for Internet users. You can watch new movies or old retro movies on its pages. The main difference with Soap2day is the possibility of registration and a large number of ads. There is also a positive difference between the resources. Watchmovies offers many options for sorting movies.


YTS – the movie site with extensive features and a rich history

YTS was originally created as a site for torrent downloads. Just a few months after its launch, it got the attention of millions of movie fans who not only downloaded files, but also watched them online. After calculating the statistics, the owners decided to change the format of the resource and closed the downloads. Since then, YTS has become even more widely known as a movie streaming service. The resource was blocked many times. The most extensive procedure was the filing of a multimillion-dollar lawsuit from representatives of film companies. After that, the owners decided to stop the functioning of the site. At the moment, there are still mirrors of the project under its logo.