Fruits From Chile

We are doing 13 promotions worldwide with our Fruits from Chile Brands, if you want to follow our activities click here!

Blueberries from Chile

The Chilean Blueberry Committee is part of ASOEX, and its mission is to consistently supply first quality and safe Blueberries to the world markets and support market growth through innovative marketing investment. We represent actually 80% of the total volumen of blueberries exported. We are actually doing 3 promotional campaigns in North America, Europa and Asia.

Cherries from Chile

The Chilean Cherry Committee is part of ASOEX, its objective is to promote high quality sweet cherries from Chile worldwide. We represent 85% of the total volumen of cherries exported. We are implementing 3 promotional campaigns worldwide in Asia, USA and Brazil.

Citrus from Chile

The Chilean Citrus Committee is part of ASOEX, which main objectives are (i) To promote and support efforts for the opening and maintenance of markets, (ii) To create and support a strong and consistent image of Chilean Citrus fruit in the world and (iii) To support and backup research and development activities in order to improve quality, availability and productivity of our products. The Committee is a voluntary association that today represents 80% of the Citrus exports from Chile and is implementing actually 2 promotional campaigns worldwide in USA and Brazil, we are planning for next season to have promotional campaigns in UK and Japan.

Table Grapes from Chile

The Table Grapes Committee is part of ASOEX and is in its early stages, actually focus in promoting our fruits in USA, Europe and Asia and to focus in all new innovations that the industry might requires.

Kiwifruits from Chile

The Kiwifruits Committee is an organization of Voluntary Adhesion part of ASOEX. It was founded in 2009 by the joint effort of Growers, Exporters and their gremial associations: FEDEFRUTA and ASOEX. We work together to improve the positioning of the Chilean Kiwifruit. It represents 80% of the national production, with 43 companies added as partners. We are actually implementing one promotional campaign worldwide.

Fruits From Chile 2016 Catalogue


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