In-season apples, kiwifruit and pears from Chile are marketed as the ideal travel snack across eateries at Madrid-Barajas airport, forming part of the association’s drive to tap into new distribution channels

The Chilean Fruit Exporters Association (ASOEX) unveils its inaugural promotion at an airport, representing a major step towards the increased marketing of Chilean fresh fruit as a healthy, convenient snack across additional distribution channels.

Co-funded by the Chilean Ministry of Agriculture and supported by ProChile, the trial campaign takes place at Spain’s busy Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas airport between 14 August and 14 September 2017. The Association in conjunction with ProChile hosted an official inauguration on the 17th of August.

During the month-long initiative, thousands of fresh, in-season Chilean apples, kiwifruit and pears will be marketed at the point of sale within an array of eateries across T1, T2, T3 and T4.

“This pilot promotion is an exciting development because it’s the first time any Chilean product has been promoted at Madrid-Barajas airport, or any airport,” states Ronald Bown, Chairman of the Board of the Chilean Fruit Exporters Association.

“The airport is an important platform from which to promote Chilean fruit, so we’re looking forward to seeing the results. We’re sure it will be a great success, and it could be extended to other Chilean products and even other major airports in Europe”, explains Roberto Paiva Director of ProChile Spain.

According to statistics from Aena – Spain’s Airport Administrator, in 2006, the country was the third-most visited destination in the world, receiving 75.3 million tourists and marking the fourth consecutive year of record-beating numbers. During the same year, Madrid-Barajas airport registered 50.4 million travellers.

In what Areas – the foodservice operator for Madrid-Barajas – describes as the airport’s very first generic fruit promotion, Chilean apples, kiwifruit and pears are promoted in cafés and self-service restaurants as a convenient travel snack, healthy dessert or impulse purchase.

Depending on the outcome of the trial, a second cycle of promotions for Chilean stonefruit, blueberries or even cherries could take place later in the year.

“In the future our industry will be positioning Chilean fruit increasingly as a convenient and healthy snack via an ever-broader range of distribution channels,” reveals Charif Christian Carvajal, the Associations Marketing Director for Europe and Asia.

“This airport promotion is a good first step towards that objective and it exemplifies our industry’s determination to promote Chilean fruit as a snack direct to the consumer”, added Carvajal.

Chile is continually analyzing the potential of new distribution channels, especially those which offer the most impact in terms of consumer footfall. Furthermore, our industry has long aspired to organise a major push that highlights Chilean fresh fruit as an ideal quick, healthy snack.

“The airport has everything,” points out Carvajal. “Millions of travellers pass through Madrid-Barajas every single year, from Europe, Latin America and Asia especially. August to September is the holiday period during which even more people are travelling.”

“It’s a great channel through which we can segment and promote Chilean fruit among people and families who have time on their hands to enjoy a quick, healthy snack,” Carvajal concludes.


In every single dining outlet, Chilean apples, kiwifruit and pears are advertised on digital menu boards, through signage on baskets of fruit and via posters by the check-out, all showcasing Fruits from Chile branding with a Humboldt penguin cartoon icon.

During the weekends of 18-19 August and 23-25 August promoters wearing the Fruits from Chile uniform handed out to airport travellers activity and information leaflets in both English and Spanish.

Featuring a word search, colouring-in picture, and details about Chile, its fruit and Humboldt penguins, the leaflet is targeted towards families with young children going on holiday.

The leaflet is also encourage travellers to access more information by downloading the brand new ‘Chilean Fruits’ app, available via Google Play or the AppStore.

Chile promotes the trial promotion through its Fruits from Chile accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and You Tube.

In addition, Areas  support the campaign via activity on its own social media channels and advertisements in its newsletter.

During the 2015-16 season, Chile exported 2,503,469 tonnes of fresh fruit to the world, according to ASOEX data. Of that total, 549,210 tonnes were shipped to Europe, including 37,503 tonnes to Spain, of which kiwifruit represented 25.1% of the volume, apples 22.7%, table grapes 15%, avocados 14.7%, lemons 10.5% and other fruits 12.1%.